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Textile Pretreatments Chemicals
Pretreatment is a heart of processing of textile. Grey cloth as woven a loom is quite unattractive and contains numerous natural as well as added impurities which hinder the successful carrying out of subsequent step like dyeing, printing and finishing.

In Pretreatment, all these impurities are removed and fabric is brought to a stage where it is more absorbent and white and can be easily processed further. Major steps involved in textile pretreatment are, desizing, scouring, mercerization, and bleaching. In every step, different chemicals are involved which are :

» Wetting Scoring Agents
» Sequestering Agents
» Mercerizing Agents
» Hydrogen Peroxide Stabilizers
» Hydrogen Peroxide Killers

Following are the ranges of Textile Pretreatment Chemicals :

Sr.No. Product Names Application
1) POLYWET WR 5 Powerful Wetting / Rewetting Agent.
2) POLYWET WR 7 Powerful Wetting / Rewetting Agent.
3) POLYCLEAN SR Stain Remover.
4) POLYCOL WSR Wetting & Scouring Agent.
5) POLYCLEAN SRBS Stain Remover cum Bath Scouring Agent.
6) POLYCOL WSR Wetting / Scouring Agent.
7) POLYCLEAN LFHP Low Foam, High Performance Detergent & Wetting Agent.
8) POLYCOL ELFMP Economical, Low Foam, Multi – purpose Surfactant.
9) POLYCOL WSR20 Wetting / Scouring Agent.
10) POLYCOL NWA Mercerising Wetting Agent.
11) ANTISTAT AA Antistatic Agent.
12) POLYCLAW WSA Water Sequestering Agent.
13) POLYCOL PWSA Water Sequestering Agent.
14) POLYCOL HTSA High Temp. Sequestering Agent.
15) POLYCOL NSHPS Non Silicate Hydrogen Peroxide Stabiliser.
16) POLYCOL OPS Organic Peroxide Stabiliser.
17) POLYCOL PK Peroxide Killer.