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desizing agents
Textile Pretreatments Chemicals
desizing agents
desizing agents desizing agents
Textile scouring agents
» POLYCOL – WS (Wetting / Scouring Agent)
Textile scouring agents
POLYCOL-WS is a blend of anionic nonionic surfactant having excellent wetting property in addition to detergency. These very properties of POLYCOL-WS has made it very effective in removal of oily & waxy impurities from the fabrics to impart absorbency in pretreatment operation. It also works as stain remover.
» APPEARANCETextile scouring agents: Colourless to yellow pourable paste.
» SOLUBILITYTextile scouring agents: Miscible with water at all concentrations.
» STABILITYTextile scouring agents: Stable over wide range of pH & hard water.
» IONIC NATURETextile scouring agents: Cryptoanionic.
» pH(5% aq.soln)Textile scouring agents: 7 – 10
POLYCOL-WS is recommended for all types of fibres / fabrics & their blends in pretreatment operation like desizing, scouring, bleaching etc.
Generally it is recommended @ 2 – 5gpl.conc.
ScouringTextile scouring agents: POLYCOL-WS 1 – 2gpl. & Caustic Soda 0.2 – Textile scouring agents1.0gpl @ boil.
Bleaching Hydrogen PeroxideTextile scouring agents: POLYCOL-WS 1 – 2gpl.
Textile Wetting AgentCaustic Soda solid 3 – 5gpl.
Textile Wetting AgentH2O2 35%, 20 – 50ml./l
Textile Wetting AgentPolycol-TPS 3 – 5gpl.
Fabric should be impregnated at room temperature & to be steamed for 20 – 30 mins. As an effective stain remover it can be applied @ 40 80gpl. It is also recommended as a de-gumming agent at 4 – 8gpl.conc. for silk fibre processing.
PACKINGTextile Scouring Agent: 50Kgs. net in Plastic Container.