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desizing agents
Textile Pretreatments Chemicals
desizing agents
desizing agents desizing agents
Textile scouring agents
» POLYCOL – ELFMP (Economical, Low-foam, Multipurpose surfactant)
textile wetting agents
» A multifunctional agent in textile processing for Silk, Jute, Cotton, Wool in fibre, textile wetting agentsyarn, fabric or garment form & their blends with synthetics as well.
» Is low-foam, thus subsequent washings is easier & hence can reduce effluent textile wetting agentsload / waste water volume.
» Although scouring is best in alkaline medium (with soda ash / caustic soda), it is textile wetting agentssufficiently effective alone also thus combined scouring -dyeing in single bath is textile wetting agentspossible. Does not interfere in dyeing process, in fact helps achieve leveling.
» Is compatible with enzymes & enhances to a great extent the enzyme efficacy.
» Is very helpful in extraction of most of the sizes used in natural or synthetics textile wetting agentsfabrics thus enhancing dye pick up & levelness.
» Good washing of agent especially for reactive dyed good. Recommended for textile wetting agentssoaping of Napthol, vats, sulphur & disperse dyes of synthetics also.
» Stable to hard water & compatible to wide range of pH & temperature conditions textile wetting agentsnormally used in textile processing.
» APPEARANCEtextile wetting agents: Whitish opalescent pourable liquid.
» IONIC NATUREtextile wetting agents: Cryptonionic.
» CHEMICAL NATUREexporter textile chemicals: Speciality blend of low foam surfactants.
APPLICATION : 1 – 2gpl. POLYCOL-ELFMP with or without alkali as per the needs.