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» POLYCOL – NWA (Mercerising Wetting Agent)
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In order to impact luster, increasing strength & improved dye uptake on cotton fabric or yarn, they are mercerised before or after bleaching using 24%(56°Tw)aq.caustic soda solution. due to high surface tension of the caustic solution used in mercerisation, use of wetting agent for instantaneous wetting of yarn / fabric becomes necessary.
POLYCOL-NWA facilitates wetting of & penetration in the fibre by caustic soda solution efficiently resulting in uniform mercerisation.
» APPEARANCEexporter textile chemicals: Pale to yellow, clear liquid.
» SOLUBILITYexporter textile chemicals: Miscible with water & 24% caustic soda solution.
» pH(2% aq.Soln)exporter textile chemicals: 7 – 9.
» IONIC NATUREexporter textile chemicals: Anionic.
» FOAM FORMATIONexporter textile chemicals: Collapse immediately.
» STABILITYexporter textile chemicals: Stable to hard water & highly concentrated alkali.
» Provides excellent wetting & penetrating action in (25 – 30o Baume / 48 – 52o exporter textile chemicalsTwaddle) caustic solutions.
» Being noncresylic, it is free handling hazards.
» Gives low foaming in caustic soda liquors.
» Provides high degree of mercerisation of gray yarns & fabrics to ensure improv-exporter textile chemicalsement in dyeing properties.
POLYCOL-NWA is recommended to be used, in the liquor of 22.4% Caustic Soda solution @ 2ml/l.
On cotton knit & hosiery : POLYCOL-NWA is added to caustic lye of required strength @ 2 – 4gpl. & then sprayed on the fabric as it is drawn over circular expanders under controlled tension followed by washing out the residual caustic before further processing.
On 100% cotton / cellulose based woven fabrics : Caustic lye of desired strength containing 2 – 5gpl. of POLYCOL-NWA is used for impregnation of gray fabric at desired temp. i.e. (20° – 40°C) Excess liquor is squeezed out by a mangle & fabric is passed through series of washing tanks & then it is piled wet overnight & then scoured & bleached.
PACKINGexporter textile chemicals: 50Kgs. net Plastic Containers.
exporter textile chemicals
(Note: The above information is offered as true and accurate to the best of our knowledge but without obligation and liability.)
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