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Textile Softeners

Textile Softeners makes the fabric ultra smooth and soft without affecting its texture. Fabrics are finished to increases their effectiveness and /or serviceability or to impart certain desirable properties. Different types of auxiliaries are required to finish different types of fibers. The important auxiliaries can be broadly classified as :

» Stiffening Agents
» Cross Linking Agents
» Optical Brightening Agents
» Softeners
» Water Repellents
» Flame Retardants
» Anti Static Agents
» Soil Release Agents
» Anti Pilling Agents
» Mothproofing Agents

Our Textile Softeners has the following features :

» Ease of handling – pourable / pumpable / stable dilutions
» Compatibility with other finish ingredients
» ‘Non’ / ‘Low’ yellowing
» Thermal stable
» Negligible or nil shade / tonal variations
» No variations in fastness properties of dyed goods
» Good exhaustibility
» Non toxic, non- corrosive

Following are the ranges of Textile Softeners :

Sr.No. Product Names Application
1) POLYSOFT NYCS Non-Yellowing Cationic Softener.
2) POLYSOFT PLHP Strongly Hydrophilic, Weakly Cationic Softener.
3) POLYSOFT PSCS Non-Yellowing Cationic Softener.
4) POLYSOFT MASHC Micro Amino Silicone (High Conc).
5) POLYSOFT MASE Micro Amino Silicone Emulsion.
6) POLYSOFT MODSC Modified Amino Silicone Concentrate.
7) SOFTNER RS Reactive Softener.
8) POLYETHYLENE PEm Polyethylene Emulsion.
9) POLYMER WWR Wash n Wear resin with Catalyst.
10) POLYCOL PCLF DMDHEU Resin (Low Formaldehyde).
11) POLYSOFT PSLY Low yellowing Cationic Softener.
12) POLYSOFT NIS Non – Ionic Softener.

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