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» POLYCOL – PCLF (Cross-linking Agent)
Textile Softeners Manufacturer
POLYCOL-PCLF is an ideal cross-linking agent for shockcure finish process. It is based on DMDHEU with built in catalyst and fibre protecting system and it gives an effective crease recovery performance.
» APPEARANCEtextile auxiliary chemicals, exporter textile chemicals: Pale yellow clear liquid.
» COMPATIBILITYtextile auxiliary chemicals, exporter textile chemicals: Good with usual resin finishing chemicals. They should be Reactive Softenersstable at pH 4. Pretrials necessary with new products.
» pH ValueTextile Softeners Exporter: 5 – 6.
» Non-yellowing tendency.
» Imparts stiffness to synthetic fibres.
» No adverse effects on cellulosics.
» No tendency to thermo migration.
» No significant effect on light fastness or shade change.
» Synthetic fabric with resilent stiff finish : 10 – 15g/l. Pad for 80% pickup and cure at 180°C for 45 seconds.
» Polyester / cellulosic blends
Textile Softeners SupplierSuitingTextile Chemicals Softeners: 50 – 60g/l
Polyethylene Emulsion Textile SoftenersShirtingTextile Softeners Supplier: 50 – 60g/l
Textile Softeners ExporterPad to 60% pickup and cure at 180°C for 45 seconds.
» 100% cellulosics wash-n-wear finish
Textile Softeners Manufacturer1) Pad to 70% pickup dry at 120°C and cure at 150°C for 1min. or
Reactive Softeners2) Pad and shock cure at 180°C for 45 seconds or 190°C for 30 seconds Textile Softeners Supplierwithout drying.
PACKINGTextile Chemicals Softeners: 50Kgs. net in HDPE Container.
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