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» SOFTNER – RS (Reactive Softener)
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SOFTNER-RS is applied with resin Precondensates and stiffeners to impart smooth supple feel with reasonable degree of water repellency, unique handle and high air permeability. SOFTNER-RS can improve the mechanical properties of fabrics, improves crease recovery and abrasion resistance of the fabrics. Besides this, the treatment is durable to wash. SOFTNER-RS is miscible and stable in finishing liquors and can be mixed with all types of finishing agents.
SOFTNER-RS being white in colour, gives no staining property and can be used even for white fabric. SOFTNER-RS can also be easily applied on dyed fabric without change in colour. It may even slightly be used on nylon, coton, viscose or its blends with polyester or wool or 100% polyester, with or without the use of resin precondensates.
» APPEARANCETextile Softeners Exporter: Milky white viscose flowing paste.
» SOLUBILITYTextile Chemicals Softeners: Miscible in water.
» pHReactive Softeners: 6.5 to 7
» Excellent softening effect.
» Improved abrasion resistance.
» Permanent water Repellency.
SOFTNER-RS is normally mixed with resins, stiffeners etc., and then applied to the fabric, followed by high temperature shock curing. The amount applied can be 5g/l to 20g/l depending on the finish and the effect desired.
For high softening effect the method of application could be, to soak the material in the liquor, then pad it and finally dry and cure the fabric. To get good water repellency, the temperature of curing should be at least 1600C and the time of curing could be prolonged to 3 to 5 minutes. With resin finish SOFTNER-RS can be shock cured at 1900C on the stenter.
Good at normal room temperature.
SOFTNER-RS is thus a good softening agent giving water repellent effect on cloth and could enhance crease recovery of resin treated cloth, as well as reduce abrasion loss due to resin treatment. It can be applied to Viscose / Cotton or its blends with Polyester or Wool to give excellent finishing qualities.
PACKINGPolyethylene Emulsion Textile Softeners: 50Kgs. net in Plastic Container.
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