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surfactant chemicals
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» POLYSOFT – MASE (Dispersing Agent)
Textile softeners, textile auxiliary chemicals
POLYSOFT-MASE is a medium viscosity Poly diorganic Siloxane Emulsion manufactured to yield a substantially linear polydimethyl siloxane with reactive amino alkyl sites. It contains amino alkyl groups affixed to a predominantly polydimethyl siloxane structure.
POLYSOFT-MASE is highly absorptive on fibre, printed surfaces etc. Fabric materials treated with these silicone fluids are imparted with improved softness and pleasant feeling of touch.
When applied an fabric, it gives a durable softness, crease resistance, stretch-back property and lubricity, especially on cotton, polyester, acrylics and their blended knits. The compound is far superior in performance to the conventional textile softeners available in market today.
» APPEARANCETextile softeners, textile auxiliary chemicals: Water clear to slight haze, free from suspended Textile softeners, textile auxiliary chemicalsmatters.
» COLOURTextile softeners, textile auxiliary chemicals: Colourless to straw yellow.
» SPECIFIC GRAVITY AT 25°Cspeciality textile chemicals, hydrophilic softeners: 1.0(Approx.)
» REFRACTIVE INDEX AT 25°Cspeciality textile chemicals, hydrophilic softeners: 1.407
» pHspeciality textile chemicals, hydrophilic softeners: 5 to 6.
POLYSOFT-MASE can be used for finishing of textiles specially polyesters and blends of polyesters. It may also be used in the finishing of high value cotton fabrics.
Bulk trials, at user Mills have shown that the fabric finished with POLYSOFT-MASE is far superior in performance and durability to both washing and dry cleaning, as compared to conventional silicone fabric softeners. The silicone emulsion polymer system can be applied with conventional pad-dry-curing, equipment for best results. The pad bath should give a pick-up of 0.5 to 2% silicone solids, based on dry weight of the fabric. The emulsion should be diluted to the required concentration with soft water. Proper setting of the product on the fibres requires 1 to 2 minutes curing of the fabric at 130 C to 150 C. It is noted that the fabrics should be free from sizing agents and should be properly washed before commencement of siliconisation. Fabrics padded with POLYSOFT-MASE can be dried and then cured at an appropriate temperature for the fabric involved.
STORAGEspeciality textile chemicals, hydrophilic softeners: Stable under normal conditions. Store in cool, dry place.
PACKINGspeciality textile chemicals, hydrophilic softeners: 50Kgs. net in Plastic Container.
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textile surfactant chemicals
textile surfactant chemicals