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Corporate Responsibility : REACH

The European Chemicals regulation – Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) – entered into force in June 2007. The REACH regulation requires substances manufactured or imported into the European Union (EU), including substances in preparations in quantities over one metric ton per year, to be registered unless exempt.
There is a transitional period to complete the registration process for existing substances with phased-in deadlines of 2010, 2013, and 2018, depending on the annual amounts imported and the hazard of the substance. Elvan Chemicals completed 180 registrations for 125 high-volume substances under the European Union’s REACH regulation by the Dec. 1, 2010 deadline, and is committed to meeting the remaining deadlines as well.

Elvan Chemicals’s REACH Initiatives

Elvan Chemicals supports the objectives of REACH, including protecting human health and the environment. The Company also recognizes that substances manufactured and sold by Elvan Chemicals entities outside of the EU may be imported into the EU by our customers. In many cases, Elvan Chemicals has provided a mechanism for the import of non-EU manufactured goods that reduces the REACH burden on our customers. Elvan Chemicals partners with its customers and suppliers in satisfying the requirements of REACH. This includes working with customers to understand the downstream uses of our products so that Registration dossiers can be as robust as possible. Although Elvan Chemicals tries to include all known uses in developing its REACH dossiers, the REACH regulation puts responsibility on users of substances to ensure that the uses of the substance are identified and included in the registration.

To assist Elvan Chemicals in its effort to make REACH dossiers as complete as possible, please feel free to contact our REACH team at REACH@Elvan Chemicals.com and share any use information that you may. Our REACH team will then evaluate whether or not your use is covered and/or whether it needs to be added to the dossier.

Additional information regarding Elvan Chemicals’s REACH activities will be communicated to our customers either directly or through our Web site.

REACH Self Service Center


You can notify Elvan Chemicals’ REACH team of your material REACH status by downloading the PDF file and filling in the open fields. This completed form can then be e-mailed back to Elvan Chemicals by clicking on the button (located at the top and bottom of each page of the PDF) which will attach the completed form to a email message.