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Elvan Chemicals draws on a unique know-how with experience that has been consolidated in over 20 years of business.

– Highly motivated, specialized personnel proud to be part of an efficient organization.
– An interesting product mix, with the special combination of three different product ranges.
– Meticulous quality control that starts from raw materials and continues through to the end product.
– Technology and product innovation, which contributes to consolidating client leadership at an equal pace.
– Precise technical back-up for total customer satisfaction; Rapid response from above for prompt local customer satisfaction.


Responding with punctuality, seriousness and quality to the varied requirements of the textile industry and individual customers with products that are always ahead of the field.


Elvan Chemicals has always believed in investing in expanding its research laboratories with regard to both equipment and human resources. Especially in sectors like ours, without research it is not possible to improve products in order to provide the solutions that the market expects.


Our laboratories equipped with cutting-edge apparatus conduct both research and meticulous product tests. It is here that the most suitable solutions become reality by making the smallest adjustments required. The laboratories are very closely connected to the production process, where thorough, highly sophisticated tests are conducted on the raw materials on arrival and finished products ready for dispatch. This is the only way to guarantee constant, high quality. Further tests are conducted later, in order to carefully monitor every phase of the production chain.


Elvan Chemicals actively support the worldwide commitment to Responsible Care Global Charter is a result of a key choice to tie together our efforts toward Quality, Safety, Health and Environment, in enhancing the management of chemicals.

A “better quality” product means helping our industry to operate safely, profitably and with due care for future generations.

Moreover, a higher quality guarantee of products means more attention to environmental and workers safety.

Both major and minor economies in water, energy, air, waste and materials drive continuous improvement, analysis and reporting. With an open reporting style the Bozzetto Group strives to combine each of these large and small measures for the future environmental benefit of all.


In addition to these official objectives, Elvan Chemicals also applies in all its production plants:
– a waste management procedure focused on waste collection and recycling;
– a progressive reduction in the production energy employed;
– a recovery program involving washing waters and the reclamation of reactors at production turnover;
– the employment of techniques which make the gradual recovery of waters possible during their use.


All the Elvan Chemicals solutions are tailor-made with an almost unparalleled production and delivery flexibility. Vast storage possibilities and modern logistics choices allow us to satisfy requests with extreme rapidity and precision. From the initial preparation to the final application, our technicians are continuously involved, leading customers to see us as true external partners.