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»  POLYZYME – ACD (Denim Fading Enzyme acid active)
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POLYZYME-ACD consists of stabilized cellulase preparation prepared by deep tank fermentation under controlled conditions. POLYZYME-DEN is developed essentially for biowash of garments and other articles made from denims. POLYZYME-DEN shows maximal activity at acidic pH of 5. It is compatible with pumice stones, surfactants and other auxiliaries used in denim wash.
It is essential that denim articles to be treated with POLYZYME-ACD are completely desized with POLYZYME-HT. Size residues may have adverse effect on product performance.
» Results in rapid denim fading with soft hand feel without garment damage.
» Completely miscible with water.
» Compatible with most auxiliaries.
» Non corrosive, non-toxic, non-flamable, ecofriendly product.
» FORMTextile Chemicals Exporter: Liquid.
» COLOURTextile Chemicals Supplier: Amber.
» ODOURTextile Chemicals Supplier: Characteristic fermentation product odour.
» pHTextile Chemicals Supplier: 5.5(+/-0.5).
» ACTIVITYTextile Biofinishing Enzyme: 2,000 RBU.
PACKAGINGTextile Biofinishing Enzyme: POLYZYME-ACD is avialable in 20Kg drums. Lager pack sizes are Textile Biofinishing Enzymeavailable at request.
STORAGEtextile enzymes, supplier textile enzymes: Store at cool (below 25°C) and dark place. Avoid direct exposure textile enzymes, supplier textile enzymesto heat, sunlight and solvent vapours. Do not allow the product to textile enzymes, supplier textile enzymesfreeze.
STABILITYTextile Chemicals Manufacturer: POLYZYME-ACD is stable for over 12 months when stored as Textile Chemicals Manufacturerrecommended.
» Process temperatureTextile Chemicals Manufacturer: 50°C
» pHTextile Chemicals Exporter: 5
» DoseTextile Chemicals Exporter: 5 – 10gm POLYZYME-ACD per kg fabric weight.
» Batch TimeTextile Chemicals Exporter: 30 to 60 minutes.
» CautionTextile Chemicals Exporter: Avoid contact with ferric ions. Chelating agents may be Textile Chemicals Supplierused if Ferric ions are present.
» Bath RatioTextile Chemicals Supplier: 1:10 1:15
Textile Biofinishing Enzyme
(Note: The above information is offered as true and accurate to the best of our knowledge but without obligation and liability.)
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