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deaerating agents, manufacturer textile chemicals
» POLYWASH – PWDL (Soaping Agent for Cotton)
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POLYWASH-PWDL is a very good washing-off agent for cotton / viscose material dyed or printed with reactive colours, used in modern garment goods. It is cryptoionic in nature, and when used in H202 boiling it imparts very good brilliancy.
POLYWASH-PWDL acts very fast to remove soil stains, unfixed dyes, printing gums in printed goods during washing, even on six compartment soaper, wherein time of contact of the material with washing liquor is hardly few minutes, giving tint free bright prints. The white ground in prints remains dazzling white, and unsoiled. Due to efficient removal of printing gum from printed material it produces prints of soft handle, resulting in cost saving on finishing cost with softener.
» APPEARANCEPrinting Chemicals Exporter: Brown to straw yellow liquid.
» ODOURPrinting Chemicals Exporter: Refreshing odour, harmless in nature.
» IONIC NATUREdyeing and printing chemicals: Cryptoionic.
» pH(1% solution)Dyeing Chemicals Supplier: 7.5 to 9
» SOLUBILITYPrinting Chemicals Supplier: Dispersible with soft water to any extent. However, if only Printing Chemicals Supplierhard water is available, use 0.5 to 1.5g/l of POLYCLAW-WSA.
A)Textile Chemicals WholsalerIn Kier / Open Peroxide boiling : While peroxide boiling, use of POLYWASH- Textile Dyeing ChemicalsPWDL 0.5g/l gives bright ground with high whiteness index.
B)Textile Dyeing ChemicalsDyed goods : Washing of reactive dyed goods of cotton / viscose on Jigger / Textile Dyeing ChemicalsWinch / Kundi (Open Tank), Use of POLYWASH-PWDL is recommended as Textile Dyeing Chemicalsfollows:
Dyeing Chemicals Manufacturer1. For Light Shades – Not necessary
dyeing and printing chemicals2. For Medium & Dark Shades @ 50°C
dyeing and printing chemicalsOn Jigger – 1 to 2g/l
dyeing and printing chemicalsOn Winch – 0.5 to 1g/l
Dyeing Chemicals ExporterOn Kundi – 0.5 to 1g/l
PACKINGDyeing Chemicals Exporter: 50Kgs. net in Plastic Container.
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(Note: The above information is offered as true and accurate to the best of our knowledge but without obligation and liability.)
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