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» POLYLUBE – AAL (Cost effective state-of-art high-powered lubricant for preventing crease / rope marks and pilling)
Textile Printing Chemicals
» Reduces fibre to fibre and fibre to metal friction during all stages of textile wet Dyeing Chemicals Manufacturerprocessing there by :
¤ protects fabric surface.
¤ prevents running creases, wrinkling and chafe marks.
¤ resist pill formation during processing.
» Suitable for all textile substrates in rope form or in garment form.
» Foam free and biodegardable.
» Suitable up to 1400C and wide range of pH encountered during processing.
» Effective in hard water and high dosages of electrolytes.
» Suitable for all types of machines.
» Protects comparative weaker filaments / fibre in P/V blends and union fabrics.
» Assists easy circulation of liquor in chesse dyeing machines, thus over coming textile printing chemicalsfilteration effect.
» APPEARANCEPrinting Chemicals Manufacturer: Colourless viscose pourable liquid.
» IONIC NATUREPrinting Chemicals Manufacturer: Non-Ionic.
» CONSTITUTIONtextile printing chemicals: Blends of hydrolysed polymer.
APPLICATION : 0.5 to 2.0g/l of POLYLUBE-AAL added first in all stages of Dyeing Chemicals Exporterprocessing.
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textile surfactant chemicals