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» POLYCOL – AD (Levelling Agent for Acrylic Dyeing)
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POLYCOL-AD is a cationic retarder cum leveling agent useful in dyeing of acrylic fibre / yarn. It has good retarding action with leveling properties. It has no effect on fastness properties of dyeing.
» APPEARANCEPrinting Chemicals Exporter: Pale clear liquid.
» SOLUBILITYPrinting Chemicals Exporter: Soluble in water.
» IONIC NATUREDyeing Chemicals Supplier: Cationic.
» COMPOSITIONfibre dyeing chemicals: Blend of organic surfactants.
POLYCOL-AD is normally added to the bath prior to the dyestuff. Generally 0.5 – 3% POLYCOL-AD is recommended depending on the depth of shade.
» X%Printing Chemicals Supplier: POLYCOL-AD
» Y%fibre dyeing chemicals: Dyestuff
» 2-4%Textile Chemicals Wholsaler: Acetic Acid (60%)
» 1-2%Textile Chemicals Wholsaler: Sodium Acetate
» 5-15%Textile Dyeing Chemicals: Glaubers salt
The fibre / fabric is first treated briefly in this bath. The dyestuff dissolved in an equal quantity of 60% Acetic Acid and the required quantity of hot water is added to the bath. The temperature is then increased to 80 – 85oC in about 15min. and raised slowly to the boil in 40 – 45min. The dyeing is continued at this temperature for 60 – 90min. Then give hot wash and cold wash.
PACKINGTextile Dyeing Chemicals: 50Kgs. plastic containers.
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