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Manufacturer textile chemicals
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Manufacturer textile chemicals
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» POLYCOL – NSHPS (Silicate free peroxide stabilizer)
textile softeners
» Replaces conventional sodium silicate completely.
» Regulates the uniform release of peroxide in bleach bath.
» Eliminates the problem of scale build up in the machines.
» Imparts fullness with good absorbency without any harsh feel to the bleached textile softenerssubstrate.
» Enables uniform bleaching with improved degree of whiteness.
» Cost effective.
» APPEARANCEtextile softeners: Colourless to light pale yellow clear liquid.
» IONIC NATUREtextile softeners: Anionic.
» CONSTITUTIONtextile softeners: Synergistic blends of salts.
APPLICATION : POLYCOL NSHPS can be effectively used at 1/6th to 1/4th level of textile softenershydrogen peroxide dosages.
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textile surfactant chemicals