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» POLYCOL – MDDA (Unique Multifunctional Disperse Dyeing Assistant)
Dyeing Chemicals Exporter
» Enhances migration of disperse dyes for achieving level dyeing is one of its prime functions.
» It effectively scours polyester along with the dyeing program thus saving on time, energy, water and effluent load.
» Low foam profile gives trouble free fabric movement in high turbulent low liquor dyeing and printing chemicalsratio machines.
» Reduces the problem of barriness, and helps to achieve solidity of shades in dyeing and printing chemicalsdifferential yarn / fibre mix in polyester fabric.
» Good machine cleansing action.
» Excellent for correction / re-dyeing (leveling) of odd-lots to achieve uniform (ontone) effect.
» Better yield of dyeing as it has no retardation effect on disperse dye exhaustion Textile Chemicals Wholsaler(Like conventional leveling agents) even at higher dosage levels.
» APPEARANCETextile Chemicals Wholsaler: Pale yellow to amber coloured liquid.
» IONIC NATURETextile Dyeing Chemicals: Non-ionic.
» CHEMICAL NATURETextile Dyeing Chemicals: Blend of Solvents & ethoxylated esters.
» 0.5 – 2gpl. POLYCOL-MDDA at pH 4.5 5.5 in routine dyeing.
» 3 – 5gpl. POLYCOL-MDDA with 1gpl acetic acid (Glacial) for correction of Patchy / Textile Printing Chemicals uneven dyeing at 1300C, 30min.
» 1 – 3gpl. POLYCOL-MDDA with 2gpl Caustic Soda Flakes + 2gpl. Sodium Hydro-Textile Printing Chemicalssulphite for machine cleansing at 90 1300C, 60min. Final rinsing with POLYTEK-Dyeing Chemicals ManufacturerUBC 1gpl helps to remove scales if any.
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