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lubricating agents, manufacturer textile chemicals
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lubricating agents, manufacturer textile chemicals
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Textile Dyeing & Printing Chemical Supplier
» POLYCOL – AADD (Accelerating Agent for Disperse Dyes.)
textile finishing chemicals, textile auxiliaries
POLYCOL-AADD is the best printing aid for obtaining bright and clear prints in both loop steaming / thermofixing way.
» Pale yellow transparent liquid.
» Almost colourless.
» Soluble in water to any extent.
» IONIC NATURENonionic Anionic & Cationic Auxiliaries: Nonionic.
» pHPrinting Chemicals Manufacturer: 6.5 to 7.0
» Gum paste to be adjusted for 5.00 to 5.5pH.
» Add 1.0Kg of POLYCOL-AADD per 100Kgs. of paste.
» Add predissolved colour & stirr well.
» Print, dry, thermofix or loop-age.
» Wash as usual.
ADVANTAGEPrinting Chemicals Manufacturer: Due to its ability to fix maximum colour it reduces the load on textile finishing chemicals, textile auxiliariesprint washing, reduces the chances of tinting and leaves higher Nonionic Anionic & Cationic Auxiliariesbackground as bright as desirable.
STORAGEtextile finishing chemicals, textile auxiliaries: Stable under normal conditions store in cool dry place.
PACKINGDyeing Chemicals Exporter: 50Kgs. net in Plastic Container.
exporter textile chemicals
(Note: The above information is offered as true and accurate to the best of our knowledge but without obligation and liability.)
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