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lubricating agents, manufacturer textile chemicals
Dyeing & Printing Chemicals
lubricating agents, manufacturer textile chemicals
Textile Dyeing & Printing Chemical Supplier Dyeing Chemicals Exporter
Textile Dyeing & Printing Chemical Supplier
» POLYCOL – CDD (Carrier for Disperse Dyeing)
Nonionic Anionic & Cationic Auxiliaries
A carrier for dyeing of polyester and blends with disperse dyes.
» APPEARANCEtextile dyeing chemicals, surfactant chemicals: Brownish Yellow Liquid.
» SOLUBILITYtextile dyeing chemicals, surfactant chemicals: Emulsifies with water in all proportions.
» COMPATIBILITYPrinting Chemicals Exporter: Compatible with anionic & nonionic products stable to hard textile dyeing chemicals, surfactant chemicalswater, acids & dilute bases.
» pH(1% Solution)textile dyeing chemicals, surfactant chemicals: 6 – 7.
» IONIC NATUREtextile dyeing chemicals, surfactant chemicals: Anionic.
» SPECIALITIEStextile dyeing chemicals, surfactant chemicals: Suitable for use in Dyeing of :
textile dyeing chemicals, surfactant chemicalsTexturised yarn in package from.
Dyeing Chemicals SupplierFilament Polyester fabrics.
textile dyeing chemicals, surfactant chemicalsTexturised piece goods in jet dyeing machine.
» Ensures even dyeing where optimal temperature is 103°C in exhaust dyeing textile dyeing chemicals, surfactant chemicalsprocess used for Polyester / Wool blends & Texturised Polyester Yarn / Fabrics.
» Ensures improved & level dyeing due to migration properties of disperse dyes textile dyeing chemicals, surfactant chemicalswhich are enhanced by carrier.
» In dyeing at boil in open, please ensure proper ventilation.
Polyester staple or filament & blends with cellulose. Dyeing at high temperature Optimal levelling. Apply POLYCOL-CDD, 0.5 – 2.0% (on weight of goods) in HT / HP package or jet machine at 130° – 135°C.
Texturised Polyester, Polyester / wool, Polyester / cotton & Polyester Yarn or piece goods. Dyeing at boil or at 105 to 125°C In the dyebath, add POLYCOL-CDD 3 to 5% depending on the depth of shade & liquor ratio.
PACKINGPrinting Chemicals Supplier: 50Kgs. net in HDPE carboys.
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textile surfactant chemicals
textile surfactant chemicals