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» POLYCOL – SRD (Levelling Agent for Acrylic Dyeing)
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POLYCOL-SRD is a cationic retarder cum leveling agent useful in dyeing of acrylic fibre / yarn. It has good retarding action with leveling properties. It has no effect on fastness properties of dyeing.
» APPEARANCEPrinting Chemicals Exporter: Pale clear liquid.
» SOLUBILITYPrinting Chemicals Exporter: Soluble in water.
» IONIC NATUREDyeing Chemicals Supplier: Cationic.
» COMPOSITIONfibre dyeing chemicals: Blend of organic surfactants.
POLYCOL-SRD is normally added to the bath prior to the dyestuff. Generally 0.5 – 3% POLYCOL-SRD is recommended depending on the depth of shade.
» X%Printing Chemicals Supplier: POLYCOL-SRD
» Y%fibre dyeing chemicals: Dyestuff
» 2-4%Textile Chemicals Wholsaler: Acetic Acid (60%)
» 1-2%Textile Chemicals Wholsaler: Sodium Acetate
» 5-15%Textile Dyeing Chemicals: Glaubers salt
The fibre / fabric is first treated briefly in this bath. The dyestuff dissolved in an equal quantity of 60% Acetic Acid and the required quantity of hot water is added to the bath. The temperature is then increased to 80 – 85oC in about 15min. and raised slowly to the boil in 40 – 45min. The dyeing is continued at this temperature for 60 – 90min. Then give hot wash and cold wash.
PACKINGTextile Dyeing Chemicals: 50Kgs. plastic containers.
Textile Printing Chemicals
Textile Printing Chemicals
Dyeing Chemicals Manufacturer Dyeing Chemicals Manufacturer
Printing Chemicals Manufacturer
» POLYTEK – UBC (Universal Bath Conditioner)
Printing Chemicals Manufacturer
» Very useful in the hardest water for good whiteness in bleaching, uniform dye-Dyeing Chemicals Exportering and better brightness with optimal colour yield.
» High powered deactivator for heavy metal ions apart from Ca++, Mg++ and Dyeing Chemicals Exporterother impurities.
» Is non-foaming and avoids salt deposition on substrate and machines.
» Avoids scaling up on the machines.
» Effective over wide range of pH and temperature conditions (up to 1400C) and fibre dyeing chemicalssuitable for all types of substrate and blends.
» Does not chelate metal ions of dyes.
» Prevents catalytic damage by heavy metal ions in the bleach and mercerising fibre dyeing chemicalsliquor.
» Prevents precipitation of hydroxides and earth alkali silicates.
» Improves overall fastness properties of dyed substrate, when used in dyeing Dyeing Chemicals Supplierand washing off stages.
» APPEARANCEDyeing Chemicals Supplier: Pale yellow clear liquid.
» IONIC NATUREPrinting Chemicals Supplier: Anionic.
» CONSTITUTIONPrinting Chemicals Supplier: Organo modified salts.
APPLICATION : 0.1 to 1.0g/l of POLYTEK-UBC to be used in all stages of process-Textile Chemicals Wholsalering depending upon the needs.
Textile Chemicals Wholsaler
Textile Dyeing Chemicals
dyeing and printing chemicals Textile Printing Chemicals
Textile Printing Chemicals
» POLYCOL – DDA (All purpose disperse dyeing assistant)
Textile Printing Chemicals
» Is a good pH regulator throughout disperse dyeing cycle.
» Provides dispersing and leveling characteristic in disperse dye bath i.e. no of dyeing and printing chemicalsadditions for additions of leveling agent in most of the dyeing.
» Free from mineral acids, therefore safe on blends (especially with viscose).
» Suitable even in hard water, thus retaining brilliancy & tone of the shade i.e. no Dyeing Chemicals Manufacturerneed of additional sequesterants.
» Is low foam & eco-friendly also.
» APPEARANCEDyeing Chemicals Manufacturer: Light brownish clear liquid.
» IONIC NATUREPrinting Chemicals Manufacturer: Anionic.
» CONSTITUTIONPrinting Chemicals Manufacturer: Blends of surfactants, organic acids and salts.
0.7 to 1.5g/l of POLYCOL DDA in dye bath.
Always first add POLYCOL DDA to dye bath, then dose in leveling agents, dyestuffs etc.
STORAGEDyeing Chemicals Exporter: Stable under normal conditions.
Dyeing Chemicals Exporter
Printing Chemicals Exporter
Printing Chemicals Exporter Dyeing Chemicals Supplier
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» POLYCOL – MCLI (Reduction Clearing Agent / Anti Tinting Agent)
Printing Chemicals Supplier
POLYCOL-MCLI is low foaming detergent with reducing action which replaces sodium hydrosulphite and usual detergent in reduction clearing of disperse dyeings and prints. It is also as a washing off agent for Polyester / Cellulose blends.
» APPEARANCEdyeing and printing chemicals: Amber, opalescent liquid.
» IONIC NATURETextile Chemicals Wholsaler: Cryptoionic.
» CHEMICAL CHARACTERTextile Chemicals Wholsaler: Alkyl polyglycol ether & organic reducing agent.
Reduction clearing of disperse dyeing.
On jet, Winch, Jigger, Beam or Package dyeing machine.
Textile Dyeing Chemicals1 – 4g/l Polycol-MCLI
Textile Dyeing Chemicals1 – 2g/l Caustic Soda Flakes.
Textile Printing Chemicalsat 70°C 80°C for 15 – 20 minutes.
Hot wash, rinse cold & neutralise with dilute acetic acid.
In the case of dyeing where exhausion is almost complete i.e. no residual dyestuff in the bath, reduction clearing can be carried out in the same bath by addition of POLYCOL-MCLI and caustic soda flakes.
Reduction clearing of disperse prints.
On a continuous washing machine.
Textile Printing Chemicals1st bathDyeing Chemicals Manufacturer1g/l POLYCOL-MCLI
Dyeing Chemicals Manufacturer2 – 4g/l Hydrosulphite (to enhance reducing action at low Printing Chemicals Manufacturertemperatures)
Printing Chemicals Manufacturer2nd bathDyeing Chemicals Exporter2 – 3g/l Caustic Soda Flakes at 25°C 30°C
Dyeing Chemicals Exporter2 – 6g/l POLYCOL-MCLI
Printing Chemicals Exporter3rd bathPrinting Chemicals Exporter1 – 3g/l Caustic Soda Flakes at 70°C 80°C
Dyeing Chemicals SupplierRinsing bathsDyeing Chemicals Supplier– Rinse with decreasing temperatures from 80°C to cold.
Printing Chemicals SupplierFinal bathsPrinting Chemicals Supplier– Neutralise cold with Acetic Acid.
Reinfrocing every 20min. add approx. 1/3 amount of POLYCOL-MCLI and 1/6 amount of caustic soda.
Machine Cleaning
dyeing and printing chemicals3 – 4g/l POLYCOL-MCLI liquid.
dyeing and printing chemicals2 – 4g/l POLYCOL PDM
Textile Dyeing Chemicals2 – 3 Caustic Soda Flakes
Textile Dyeing Chemicalsat 80°C 90°C for 20-30 minutes.
Textile Printing ChemicalsDrain and rinse well.
PACKINGTextile Printing Chemicals: 50Kgs. net in HDPE Containers.
Dyeing Chemicals Manufacturer
Dyeing Chemicals Manufacturer
Printing Chemicals Manufacturer Printing Chemicals Manufacturer
Dyeing Chemicals Exporter
» POLYCOL – PDM (Unique Multifunctional Disperse Dyeing Assistant)
Dyeing Chemicals Exporter
» Enhances migration of disperse dyes for achieving level dyeing is one of its dyeing and printing chemicalsprime functions.
» It effectively scours polyester along with the dyeing program thus saving on dyeing and printing chemicalstime, energy, water and effluent load.
» Low foam profile gives trouble free fabric movement in high turbulent low liquor dyeing and printing chemicalsratio machines.
» Reduces the problem of barriness, and helps to achieve solidity of shades in dyeing and printing chemicalsdifferential yarn / fibre mix in polyester fabric.
» Good machine cleansing action.
» Excellent for correction / re-dyeing (leveling) of odd-lots to achieve uniform Printing Chemicals Supplier(ontone) effect.
» Better yield of dyeing as it has no retardation effect on disperse dye exhaustion Textile Chemicals Wholsaler(Like conventional leveling agents) even at higher dosage levels.
» APPEARANCETextile Chemicals Wholsaler: Pale yellow to amber coloured liquid.
» IONIC NATURETextile Dyeing Chemicals: Non-ionic.
» CHEMICAL NATURETextile Dyeing Chemicals: Blend of Solvents & ethoxylated esters.
» 0.5 – 2gpl. POLYCOL-PDM at pH 4.5 5.5 in routine dyeing.
» 3 – 5gpl. POLYCOL-PDM with 1gpl acetic acid (Glacial) for correction of Patchy / Textile Printing Chemicals uneven dyeing at 1300C, 30min.
» 1 – 3gpl. POLYCOL-PDM with 2gpl Caustic Soda Flakes + 2gpl. Sodium Hydro-Textile Printing Chemicalssulphite for machine cleansing at 90 1300C, 60min. Final rinsing with POLYTEK-Dyeing Chemicals ManufacturerUBC 1gpl helps to remove scales if any.
dyeing and printing chemicals
(Note: The above information is offered as true and accurate to the best of our knowledge but without obligation and liability.)
dyeing and printing chemicals
dyeing and printing chemicals
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