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lubricating agents, manufacturer textile chemicals
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lubricating agents, manufacturer textile chemicals
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» CATASYST – SLDA (Scouring, Levelling, Emulsifying, Machine Cleaning & Lubricating Agent)
Textile Dyeing & Printing Chemical Supplier
CATASYST-SLDA is a specially formulated “all in one auxiliary” for dyeing of polyester & polyester blended fabrics. It is stable under High Temperature High Pressure conditions. Therefore it is highly suitable in all machines such as Jet Dyeing Machine, Beam Dyeing Machine, Closed Jigger, Winch & Yarn Dyeing Equipments. It acts in many ways for scouring, emulsifying & cleaning as well as lubricating when used in processing of fabric.
CATASYST-SLDA is applicable to fully flooded, semi-flooded & low liquor systems. It is low foaming & is stable in high performance pump flow systems. CATASYST-SLDA requires no other addition to dyeing system apart from a pH control buffer.
» APPEARANCEDyeing Chemicals Exporter: Amber coloured liquid.
» pHTextile Dyeing & Printing Chemical Supplier: Slightly acidic to neutral on dilution.
» IONIC NATURETextile Dyeing & Printing Chemical Supplier: Nonionic.
» COMPATIBILITYTextile Dyeing & Printing Chemical Supplier: Excellent with nonionic, anionic & cationic auxiliaries & dyes. Dyeing Chemicals ExporterStable to acid & alkali conditions normally used in dyeing.
» SOLUBILITYTextile Dyeing & Printing Chemical Supplier: Readily dispersible in water.
First clean the jet dyeing machine as follows :
» 0.5 to 1gm./lit. CATASYST SLDA
» 2gm./lit. Caustic Soda Flakes.
» 2gm./lit. Sodium Hydro Sulphite.
Run the machine in the above solution at 130 C for 60min. followed by cooling, draining & finally give Acetic Acid rinse to ensure the removal of Oligomers etc.
NowTextile Dyeing & Printing Chemical Supplier1. Take the required quantity of water, add o.5 to 1.0gm/lit. CATASYST-SLDA Dyeing Chemicals Exporteror 0.1 to 0.2% o.w.f.
Textile Dyeing & Printing Chemical Supplier2. Add Acetic Acid to make pH between 5 to 6.
Textile Dyeing & Printing Chemical Supplier3. Add pre-dissolved dye stuff & start the program.
CATASYST-SLDA will help in eliminating the problems, such as barrines, foaming entanglement, patchy or uneven dyeing in Jet Dyeing Machine, Beam Dyeing, Yarn Dyeing machines, Jigger & winches of H.T.H.P. process.
PACKINGPrinting Chemicals Exporter: 50Kgs. net in Plastic Containers.
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