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» CATACLEAR – CCAT (Reduction Clearing Agent)
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CATACLEAR-CCAT is an exclusive ‘Reduction Clearing Agent’ for washing of Disperse dyed & printed polyester materials.
» APPEARANCEManufacturer Dyeing Chemicals: Yellow to amber coloured transparent liquid with charac- Manufacturer Dyeing Chemicalsteristic odour.
» SOLUBILITYManufacturer Printing Chemicals: Dispersible in water, gives stable emulsion.
» pH(1% aq.solution)Manufacturer Printing Chemicals: 7 – 8.5
» IONIC NATUREsurfactant chemicals, speciality textile chemicals: Anionic.
CATACLEAR-CCAT removes aq. class of dyes in particular and other unfixed disperse colours, gums, etc. CATACLEAR-CCAT has excellent dispersing & wetting property to remove gums and unfixed disperse dyes. It has powerful complexing tendency with aq. type of dyes for their effective removal in aqueous medium. The complexing power is better in neutral to acidic ph(1g/l acetic acid) than in alkaline pH.
Exporter Dyeing Chemicals1. Washing with cold water allows swelling of gums, removal of swollen gum Exporter Printing Chemicalsand excess of unfixed colour. Repeat twice or thrice this cycle till free from surfactant chemicals, speciality textile chemicalsexcess bleeding of colour.
surfactant chemicals, speciality textile chemicals2. Wash with Hydrose 2 to 5g/l and caustic 2g/l and 60° to 70°C for 20 to surfactant chemicals, speciality textile chemicals30minutes. The amount depends on M/L ratio, coverage of prints, depth of prints (CATACLEAR-CCAT can be added to this stage eliminating stage 5)
Supplier Printing Chemicals3. Repeat the caustic hydro treatment with half the concentration.
Dye Fixing Agent4. Cold wash.
Dye Fixing Agent5. Soap at boil with 2 to 3g/l CATACLEAR-CCAT & 1g/l of acetic acid. Colour can Textile Chemicals Dyeingbe seen in the bath even after proper hydro caustic treatment & even after Textile Chemicals Dyeingany additional oxidative treatment (if introduced).
CATACLEAR-CCAT can be used in washing off dyed goods after beam or jet dyeing process. After the dyeing is over, in cooling dyeing bath itself add 1gm/lit. of CATACLEAR-CCAT. The product can be added at 1300C in beam dyeing & at 1000C in jet dyeing, in acidic condition only. Allow cooling and circulation for 10 to 15 minutes or till required temperature is reached. Drain the dye bath and work as usual. The reduction clearing & cleaning of machine is also achieved simultaneously.
For dark shades drain the bath. Add oxalic acid 0.5g/l, CATACLEAR-CCAT 1gm/lit. and raise the temperature to 90 C for 10 minutes & then work as usual.
CATACLEAR-CCAT produces tint free and bright prints.
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(Note: The above information is offered as true and accurate to the best of our knowledge but without obligation and liability.)
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