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desizing agents
Textile Pretreatments Chemicals
desizing agents
desizing agents desizing agents
Textile scouring agents
» POLYCOL – FB.OL (Wetting / Scouring Agent)
Textile scouring agents
POLYCOL-FB.OL is a blend of anionic nonionic surfactant having excellent wetting property in addition to detergency. These very properties of POLYCOL-FB.OL has made it very effective in removal of oily & waxy impurities from the fabrics to impart absorbency in pretreatment operation. It also works as stain remover.
» APPEARANCETextile scouring agents: Colourless to yellow pourable paste.
» SOLUBILITYTextile scouring agents: Miscible with water at all concentrations.
» STABILITYTextile scouring agents: Stable over wide range of pH & hard water.
» IONIC NATURETextile scouring agents: Cryptoanionic.
» pH(5% aq.soln)Textile scouring agents: 7 – 10
POLYCOL-FB.OL is recommended for all types of fibres / fabrics & their blends in pretreatment operation like desizing, scouring, bleaching etc.
Generally it is recommended @ 2 – 5gpl.conc.
ScouringTextile scouring agents: POLYCOL-FB.OL 1 – 2gpl. & Caustic Soda 0.2 – Textile scouring agents1.0gpl @ boil.
Bleaching Hydrogen PeroxideTextile scouring agents: POLYCOL-FB.OL 1 – 2gpl.
Textile Wetting AgentCaustic Soda solid 3 – 5gpl.
Textile Wetting AgentH2O2 35%, 20 – 50ml./l
Textile Wetting AgentPolycol-TPS 3 – 5gpl.
Fabric should be impregnated at room temperature & to be steamed for 20 – 30 mins. As an effective stain remover it can be applied @ 40 80gpl. It is also recommended as a de-gumming agent at 4 – 8gpl.conc. for silk fibre processing.
PACKINGTextile Scouring Agent: 50Kgs. net in Plastic Container.
Textile Scouring Agent
Textile Scouring Agent
Textile scouring agents Textile scouring agents
Textile scouring agents
» POLYCLEAN – LFS (Eco-friendly, Low foam , High performance detergent and wetter)
Textile scouring agents
» Excellent wetting & scouring aid suitale for high turbulent rapid jet / soft flow textile wetting agentsmachines, package dyeing & continuous processing system also.
» Possesses sustained low foam characteristics through out the process cycle i.e. textile wetting agentsheating, holding, cooling, rinsing i.e. eliminates need of defoamer / anti-foaming textile wetting agentsagents.
» Effective over wide range of pH & temperature suitable in pad operations as textile wetting agentswell as in kier boiling also.
» Bio degradable, APEO free & solvent free.
» Compatible with enzymes.
» APPEARANCEtextile wetting agents: Off white to white pourable viscous liquid.
» IONIC NATUREtextile wetting agents: Non-Ionic.
» CHEMICAL NATUREtextile wetting agents: Synergistic blends of alkoxylates.
0.3 – 0.6gpl POLYCLEAN-LFS in enzyme desizing bath.
0.5 – 1% POLYCLEAN-LFS in scouring / bleaching recipes of cotton knits / terry towels.
0.4 – 0.8% POLYCLEAN-LFS in cabinets / cheese dyeing machines.
0.6 – 1.0gpl POLYCLEAN-LFS in continuous pad steam process.
0.3 – 0.5% POLYCLEAN-LFS in kier operations.
textile wetting agents
textile wetting agents
textile wetting agents textile wetting agents
textile wetting agents
» POLYCOL – JC 200 (Economical, Low-foam, Multipurpose surfactant)
textile wetting agents
» A multifunctional agent in textile processing for Silk, Jute, Cotton, Wool in fibre, textile wetting agentsyarn, fabric or garment form & their blends with synthetics as well.
» Is low-foam, thus subsequent washings is easier & hence can reduce effluent textile wetting agentsload / waste water volume.
» Although scouring is best in alkaline medium (with soda ash / caustic soda), it is textile wetting agentssufficiently effective alone also thus combined scouring -dyeing in single bath is textile wetting agentspossible. Does not interfere in dyeing process, in fact helps achieve leveling.
» Is compatible with enzymes & enhances to a great extent the enzyme efficacy.
» Is very helpful in extraction of most of the sizes used in natural or synthetics textile wetting agentsfabrics thus enhancing dye pick up & levelness.
» Good washing of agent especially for reactive dyed good. Recommended for textile wetting agentssoaping of Napthol, vats, sulphur & disperse dyes of synthetics also.
» Stable to hard water & compatible to wide range of pH & temperature conditions textile wetting agentsnormally used in textile processing.
» APPEARANCEtextile wetting agents: Whitish opalescent pourable liquid.
» IONIC NATUREtextile wetting agents: Cryptonionic.
» CHEMICAL NATUREexporter textile chemicals: Speciality blend of low foam surfactants.
APPLICATION : 1 – 2gpl. POLYCOL-JC 200 with or without alkali as per the needs.
exporter textile chemicals
exporter textile chemicals
exporter textile chemicals Textile Wetting Agent
Textile Wetting Agent
» POLYCOL – S.20 (Wetting / Scouring Agent)
Textile Wetting Agent
POLYCOL-S.20 is a combination of anionic & nonionic surfactants which are primarily foaming agents giving stable foam in aqueous media. Being anionic in nature, POLYCOL-S.20 is not compatible with cationic additive.
» APPEARANCETextile Scouring Agent: Pale to golden yellow clear liquid.
» SOLUBILITYTextile Scouring Agent: Soluble in water.
» pH(1% Aq.Soln.)Textile Scouring Agent: 8 – 10.
» IONIC NATURETextile Scouring Agent: Anionic.
APPLICATION : POLYCOL-S.20 is recommended for use @ 1 – 2% dosage to exporter textile chemicalsgenerate moderate stable foam but dosage can be varied as per exporter textile chemicalsrequirement. This is to be added to bath from the beginning after exporter textile chemicalsensuring that no cationic adduct is present in the bath.
PACKINGexporter textile chemicals: 50kgs. net in HDPE container.
exporter textile chemicals
exporter textile chemicals
exporter textile chemicals exporter textile chemicals
exporter textile chemicals
» POLYCOL – EHS (Mercerising Wetting Agent)
exporter textile chemicals
In order to impact luster, increasing strength & improved dye uptake on cotton fabric or yarn, they are mercerised before or after bleaching using 24%(56°Tw)aq.caustic soda solution. due to high surface tension of the caustic solution used in mercerisation, use of wetting agent for instantaneous wetting of yarn / fabric becomes necessary.
POLYCOL-EHS facilitates wetting of & penetration in the fibre by caustic soda solution efficiently resulting in uniform mercerisation.
» APPEARANCEexporter textile chemicals: Pale to yellow, clear liquid.
» SOLUBILITYexporter textile chemicals: Miscible with water & 24% caustic soda solution.
» pH(2% aq.Soln)exporter textile chemicals: 7 – 9.
» IONIC NATUREexporter textile chemicals: Anionic.
» FOAM FORMATIONexporter textile chemicals: Collapse immediately.
» STABILITYexporter textile chemicals: Stable to hard water & highly concentrated alkali.
» Provides excellent wetting & penetrating action in (25 – 30o Baume / 48 – 52o exporter textile chemicalsTwaddle) caustic solutions.
» Being noncresylic, it is free handling hazards.
» Gives low foaming in caustic soda liquors.
» Provides high degree of mercerisation of gray yarns & fabrics to ensure improv-exporter textile chemicalsement in dyeing properties.
POLYCOL-EHS is recommended to be used, in the liquor of 22.4% Caustic Soda solution @ 2ml/l.
On cotton knit & hosiery : POLYCOL-EHS is added to caustic lye of required strength @ 2 – 4gpl. & then sprayed on the fabric as it is drawn over circular expanders under controlled tension followed by washing out the residual caustic before further processing.
On 100% cotton / cellulose based woven fabrics : Caustic lye of desired strength containing 2 – 5gpl. of POLYCOL-EHS is used for impregnation of gray fabric at desired temp. i.e. (20° – 40°C) Excess liquor is squeezed out by a mangle & fabric is passed through series of washing tanks & then it is piled wet overnight & then scoured & bleached.
PACKINGexporter textile chemicals: 50Kgs. net Plastic Containers.
exporter textile chemicals
(Note: The above information is offered as true and accurate to the best of our knowledge but without obligation and liability.)
textile surfactant chemicals
textile surfactant chemicals
textile surfactant chemicals
textile surfactant chemicals