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»  POLYZYME – STBL (High Temperature Desizing Enzyme)
Textile Biofinishing Enzyme
POLYZYME-STBL consists of stabilized thermostable alpha amylase prepared by deep tank fermentation of Bacillus spp. It can be for removal of starch based sized from fabric, garments and other cotton made articles. Ideal also for desizing of the cotton-synthetic blends. Materials sized with starch derivatives or the starch blends with PVA or other chemicals can also be effectively desized with POLYZYME-STBL.
» Ensures complete desizing of the treated materials.
» Tolerates Process temperatures up to 95°C.
» Completely miscible with water.
» Compatible with most auxiliaries.
» Non corrosive, non-toxic, non-flamable, ecofriendly product.
» FORMtextile enzymes, supplier textile enzymes: Liquid.
» COLOURtextile enzymes, supplier textile enzymes: Amber brown.
» ODOURtextile enzymes, supplier textile enzymes: Characteristic fermentation product odour.
» SPECIFIC GRAVITYtextile enzymes, supplier textile enzymes: 1.05(+/-10%).
» pHTextile Chemicals Manufacturer: 7.0(+/-0.5).
» ACTIVITYTextile Chemicals Manufacturer: 30,000 RBU.
PACKAGINGTextile Chemicals Manufacturer: POLYZYME-STBL is avialable in 50 lit net in HDPE containers. Lager Textile Chemicals Manufacturerpack sizes are available at request.
STORAGETextile Chemicals Exporter: Store at cool (below 25°C) and dark place. Avoid direct exposure Textile Chemicals Exporterto heat, sunlight and solvent vapours. Do not allow the product to Textile Chemicals Exporterfreeze.
STABILITYTextile Chemicals Exporter: POLYZYME-STBL is stable for over 12 months when stored as Textile Chemicals Supplierrecommended.
» Process temperatureTextile Chemicals Supplier: 80°C
» pHTextile Chemicals Supplier: 6.5
» DoseTextile Chemicals Supplier: 5 – 8gm POLYZYME-STBL per kg fabric weight.
» Liquor RatioTextile Chemicals Supplier: 1:10
» Batch TimeTextile Biofinishing Enzyme: 30 to 60 minutes.
» CautionTextile Biofinishing Enzyme: Avoid contact with ferric ions. Chelating agents may be Textile Biofinishing Enzymeused if Ferric ions are present.
While using POLYZYME-STBL for garments & other articles, adjust temperature, add other auxiliaries, and adjust pH. Add POLYZYME-STBL at the end. Run the batch for desired time. Inactivate the enzyme by heating the bath to over 100°C for 10 minutes.
Textile Biofinishing Enzyme
(Note: The above information is offered as true and accurate to the best of our knowledge but without obligation and liability.)
textile enzymes, supplier textile enzymes
textile enzymes, supplier textile enzymes
textile enzymes, supplier textile enzymes