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»  POLYZYME – BIO (Textile Biofinishing Enzyme)
Textile Chemicals Exporter
POLYZYME-BIO is developed for biotreatment of cellulose based textile materials such as cotton or its blends with polyester, modified wool, flax, ramie, hemp, spider silk, and linen, viscose. POLYZYME-BIO also improves the properties of fabrics made from cupro, lyocell, Tencel or other polynosic fibres. POLYZYME-BIO can be used for improving performance of softening agents.
Proven benefits of POLYZYME-BIO :
» Removes of fuzz and pilling.
» Does not damage the fabric.
» Increases smoothness and softness.
» Increases luster and superior colour brightness.
» Improves handle and drape.
» Suitable for woven as well as knitted fabrics.
» Treated fabric can be dyed in deep and bright colors.
» Creates desired surface aesthetics.
» FORMTextile Chemicals Exporter: Liqiud.
» COLOURTextile Chemicals Exporter: Amber.
» ODOURTextile Chemicals Supplier: Characteristic fermentation product odour.
» pHTextile Chemicals Supplier: 5(+/-0.5).
» ACTIVITYTextile Chemicals Supplier: 1,000 RBU.
PACKAGINGTextile Chemicals Supplier: POLYZYME-BIO is available in 20Kg drums. Larger pack sizes are Textile Biofinishing Enzymeavailable at request.
Store at cool (Below 25°C) and dark place. Avoid direct exposure to heat, sunlight and solvent vapours. Do not allow the product to freeze. POLYZYME-BIO is stable for over 12 months when stored as recommended.
» Process temperatureTextile Biofinishing Enzyme: 50°C
» pHTextile Biofinishing Enzyme: 5 with POLYSTAT 5X
» DoseTextile Biofinishing Enzyme: 5 – 10gm POLYZYME-BIO per kg fabric weight.
» Batch Timetextile enzymes, supplier textile enzymes: 30 to 60 minutes.
» Bath Ratiotextile enzymes, supplier textile enzymes: 1:10 1:15
» Cautiontextile enzymes, supplier textile enzymes: Avoid contact with ferric ions. Chelating agents may be Textile Chemicals Manufacturerused if Ferric ions are present.
Textile Biofinishing Enzyme
(Note: The above information is offered as true and accurate to the best of our knowledge but without obligation and liability.)
textile enzymes, supplier textile enzymes
textile enzymes, supplier textile enzymes
textile enzymes, supplier textile enzymes