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» POLYLUBE – AAL (Cost effective broad spectrum anti crease Lubricant)
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» Reduces fibre & fibre metal friction during all stages of textile wet processing.
» Prevents running crease marks, wrinkling & chafe marks.
» Does not affect the fastness properties of dyeing.
» Protects fabric surface and resists pill formation during processing.
» Suitable for all textile substrates in all forms i.e. fabric rope form, garments, yarns etc.
» Very low foam and biodegradable, suitable in all types of machines.
» Assists for achieving uniform processing during pretreatment, dyeing, enzymes textile printing chemicalswashing etc.
» Reduces weight loss especially during processing of cotton terry towels & knits.
» Helps in penetration of process chemicals evenly into the substrate thus improv-textile printing chemicalsing the efficiency of the treatment cycle.
» Compatible over wide range of pH & temperature.
» APPEARANCEtextile printing chemicals: Whitish viscose pourable liquid.
» IONIC NATUREtextile printing chemicals: Weakly Anionic.
» CHEMICAL NATUREPrinting Chemicals Supplier: Blends of organic dispersant and surfactants.
APPLICATION : 0.5 – 2gpl. POLYLUBE-AAL depending on the fabric (construction) textile printing chemicalsnature and the machinery used.
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textile surfactant chemicals
textile surfactant chemicals