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» POLYETHYLENE – PEm (Polyethylene Emulsion)
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POLYETHYLENE-PEm is a specially developed softener to improve the abrasion resistance and tear strength of all fibres. It is recommended specifically in conjunction with wash-n-wear crease resistant and shrink resistant finishes on cotton, linen, rayon and their blends with synthetic fibres.
» APPEARANCEtextile auxiliary chemicals, exporter textile chemicals: Off white translucent emulsion.
» IONIC NATURETextile Softeners Manufacturer: Non Ionic.
» SOLUBILITYTextile Chemicals Softeners: Readily dispersible in water.
» pHReactive Softeners: 7 – 9.
» COMPATIBILITYTextile Softeners: It can be used together with methylolated resins as well as Polyethylene Emulsion Textile Softenersother finishing chemicals encountered in textile finishing.
POLYETHYLENE-PEm is suggested to be used @ 10 – 20gpl. conc. in conjunction with methylolated pre-condensates and softeners. Being non-ionic in nature it is compatible with anionic and cationic reagents. It can be readily mixed in bath preparation at desired concentration.
It is non chlorine retentive and does not give any yellowing.
PACKINGTextile Softeners Manufacturer: 50Kgs. net in Plastic Container.
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