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» POLYCOL – 95WA (Powerful Wetting Agent)
Manufacturer textile chemicals
POLYCOL-95WA is a powerful wetting, penetrating agent even at low concentration giving rise to effective penetrating action required in the process of variety of textiles.
» APPEARANCEManufacturer textile chemicals: Colourless to pale yellow liquid.
» IONIC NATUREManufacturer textile chemicals: Nonionic.
» COMPATIBILITYManufacturer textile chemicals: Compatible with anionic and cationic products and stable over Manufacturer textile chemicalswide range of pH. It is stable to hard water, mild acid and Manufacturer textile chemicalsalkali.
» SOLUBILITYTextile Chemicals Wholsaler: Readily soluble in all proportions.
» In ‘short-contact’ process such as in high speed continuous equipment where the fabric or Yarn comes in actual contact with the treatment liquor for a very short duaration, it gives excellent wetting performance.
» Capable of instant wetting of natural and synthetic fibres, yarns or fabrics and their blends and in all processes such as dyeing and finishing sequences where rapid wetting is necessary.
APPLICATION : 0.1 to 0.2gm/lit. of treatment liquor used in the desizing, Textile Printing Chemicalsscouring, bleaching, dyeing or finishing operation ensures rapid Manufacturer textile chemicalsand uniform wetting of the textile material.
STORAGEManufacturer textile chemicals: Stable under normal condition.
PACKINGManufacturer textile chemicals: 50Kgs. net in Plastic Container.
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textile surfactant chemicals