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Corporate Responsibility : EHS & S

Our environmental, health, safety and security goal is to achieve our vision of an incident-free workplace:  no accidents, injuries or harm to the environment. One of our core principles is to ensure the safety and health of the public, our employees, contractors and customers and to protect the environment. Our dedication to Responsible Care® is one aspect of upholding this principle.

We are dedicated to publicly reporting Responsible Care metrics, an initiative of the American Chemistry Council (ACC), which establishes a set of uniform industry-wide metrics to measure individual company and industry performance. The measures enable ACC member companies to identify areas for continuous improvement and provide a means for the public to track individual company and industry performance.

We welcome any requests for information or any comments about our Responsible Care Management System or any of our programs.

Annual Safety Performance

We are committed to safety at every level. We document and publish our annual safety statistics so that we all remain aware and vigilant of safety and health in our work environment and communities.

Click on the link below to access our annual safety statistics.