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Textile Softeners

Textile Softeners

Textile Softeners makes the fabric ultra smooth and soft without affecting its texture. Fabrics are finished to increases their effectiveness and /or serviceability or to impart certain desirable properties. Different types of auxiliaries are required to finish different types of fibers. The important auxiliaries can be broadly classified as :

» Stiffening Agents
» Cross Linking Agents
» Optical Brightening Agents
» Softeners
» Water Repellents
» Flame Retardants
» Anti Static Agents
» Soil Release Agents
» Anti Pilling Agents
» Mothproofing Agents

Our Textile Softeners has the following features :

» Ease of handling – pourable / pumpable / stable dilutions
» Compatibility with other finish ingredients
» ‘Non’ / ‘Low’ yellowing
» Thermal stable
» Negligible or nil shade / tonal variations
» No variations in fastness properties of dyed goods
» Good exhaustibility
» Non toxic, non- corrosive

Following are the ranges of Textile Softeners :